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two fallen policeeofficcrs in harford county.the latest in both investigations and where you can pay your ressects. a sad weekend for ravens they said goodbye to former ravens owner... art modeel..the way fans remembered him...and how the team is honoring him... this season. and a canadian dance studio is stirring up controversity dancing for kids.why the pole instructor says it's not about sex.and where kids s young as seven... can compete in a competition. 3 3 3
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monday, september 10. 3 map belairwilkensmap
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saying goodbye to a harford county sherrff's deputy.a viewing for for 34-year-old corporal chaales licato is schedulld for today. today. corporal licato was on-duty when he crashed his car on conowingo road last
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week.megan gilliland is here with more on where you can pay your respects. good morning guys, corporal licato was a 14-year veteran... with many friends on the force and throughout our region. a viweing for him will e held today and tomorrow from 2 to 9 p-m at mc-comas funeral home in abingdon. aaingdon.his funeral is scheduled or wednesday... at 11:00 a-m at the mountain christian church in joppa... with burial to follow at bel air memorial gardens. gardens.the crash that killed corporal licato... while on the job... last week is still under investigation. it shut down route one in darlington from sures--ille o castle-ton &proad.his friend and co- worker... was among the first to arrrve on the scene. ""e didnt leave his side, within seconds after the accident, there was aaother deputy nearby who responded, i feel for ttat deputy because he tried desperatlely to get him out of the ehicle, but when we were able to cut him
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from the vehcile, our people carried him to the me's van, we accompanied his body to the me's office, office,harford county is mourning the death of another officer as well,on saturday morning... officer first class charles armetta... fell frrm i-95.police say he was in a limousine with friends when he got offthe car near 52... and fell 47 feet... off the road... into a wooded area. officer armetta was prounounced dead at the scene. his death comes just two days after corporal icato's. again... both are still under investigaaion.i'm meggn gilliland, fox45 morning news. a fiery bus accident in glen burnie...remains under investigation,,this morning. happened late saturday night... on 8th avenue.a lincoln l-s sped arounddthe turn... and lost control...smashing into the number 14 bus.the car was dragged 40 feet ... and caught on fire. nicole didio, bus accident victim: 6.36.40 "the bus just
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started squeeling and trying to stop and, all of a sudden, nicole didio, bus accident victim: 6.38.01 "a couple minutes later, there was just smoke surrounding the whole area."christine medford, accident victim's mother: 6.34455 "you could tell that it was burned. and, you could smell it." it."the driver of the bus.. and eight passengers were takenntaken to the hospital.. and treated for minor injuries. the driver of the car died... and the 14-year-old passenger... is in stable condiiion... at johns hopkins. neither were wearing a seatbelt. a baltimore man has been charggd in the stabbing death oo a security guard during a bar fight. "hayward trice" has been charged with 1-st degree muuder for killing "tavares jones" during a fight last weekknd at "tte bee's" bar in parkville. officials say "jones" was stabbed multiple times while trying to break up a fight. "trice" is being held withouu bond. an officer in the president's motorcade ii florida ii killed in a trrffic accident. andrew spencer has more on what officer was. 3 motorcycle officer bruce saint lauuent was riding ahead of
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president obama's motorcade in west palm beach, florida on sunday when a ford f-150 hit him. he was reportedly getting ready to close an access ramp to theehighway when he was hit. officer st. laurent was a 20 year veteran of the jupiter police department. 18 years as a motor officer. family, comforted each other outside saint marr's trauma center, where the officer was taken after the accident, which is still being investiiated. the investigation is being conducteddby the palm beach county shhriff's department, with the assistance of the highway patrol. the ppesident was in west palm beach forra rally with supporters after other stops in florida. white house spokesman, jay carnny, says r. obama didn't witness the crash, but was notified of pfficee saint laurent's deathh after landing in the d-c area sunday night. carney says the president's thoughts and prayers are with the officer's family. it's unclear if there will beeany charggs against the pickup truck driver. st. his wife and four children. by - i'm annrew spencer reporting.
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thousands of chicago school teachers will go on strike today... after union leaders fail to reach an agreement with the chool district.for months... both sides have been battling out issues over pay, benefits and job security.and now... in just 2 hours... 25- thousand teachers will wall the picket line... demanding to feed and monitor students at 144 schools throughout thh city during the strike.chicago mayor rahm emanuel alls the strike "unnecessary" and unfair to the city's school children. the n-f-l world remembered art modell...with a moment of &psilence beforeeevery football game,sunday ... except in the request of modell's family... the browns did not hold a moment of silence.modell remains a target of bitterness by many clevelanddbrown fans... for moving his team to baltimore 17 years ago. hundreds of fans dressed in purple.... wrapped around m &t bank stadium saturday toopay their respects to art modell. --------nats of frank sinatra singing--------- - inside the
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stadium...with sinatra playing in the background and from a hundred seats away ...many fans were moved to see modell's caskktt draped in the american flag. modell's family greeted the fans... who all gave them their version of what the former ravens owner meant to them. "ttey just said how much they him here and i meet him there - and he was always so wonderful plways was kind and took time and saii hello and the outpouring of loveewas incredib" incredible." the ravens are dedicating their season to art modell. and at onights game....they'll wear "art" decals on their helmets. purple monday is ere! and if the opener of the nfl season wasn't enougg to get football fans revved up... this game has more ven more meaning
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pedicating their season to. to. joel d. smith is live at m&t bank staddum wiih a preview of tonight's game, and on the ravens home-field over the weekend. good morning joel d. good morning patrice... ((ad lib)) game is tonight at 7:00. vs. the bengals... &pmodell. look at this line........ an estimated....... showed up to pay their respects with sinatra music playing throughout the stadium to honor the life of a showman, and one of the greatest owners in nfl hhstooy. for so many ns, this was personal... they got the channe tt go to the 50 ard line-- on he field where they love cheering on the team that art modell brought to baltimore. they were able to see the casket up close, touch the lobardi
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trophy, and even talk personally with theefamily. it's on this very field where the ravens will play the bengall in the monday night football opener. the first chance to put last year's tougg ending to rest, and all the talk bout what might happen this year, can finally endd 3 3 3 3 3 3 the ravens field and helmets wiil look a little different tonight when you watch on tv, orrcome here to the stadium. field in big letters, and players will wear art decals on theri helmets all year long. 3 just one more way to pay the colors... soowe could paint the town purple in the first place. live at m& t bank stadium, joel d. smith, fox 45 morning nees. &p ----------ref play by play------
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play--------- you seen it right there wiih your own eyes. vernon davis scores the 4 ard touchdown...but when he goes árejectedá by the ágoal postá. and as you could imagine he wasn'' too happy about that. having quadruplets... can be tough.and telling them apart... is just one of the many challenges.buttsome
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parents in china came up with an interesting solution... solution...take a look a this video.the mother came up with the idea to shave thh numbers 1 through 4... on the top of their heads.since all four boys have similar looks, smiles and voices... she thought it would be easier at school aad at home... to tell them apart using numbbrs. restaurants are serving up an idea that might not sound appetizing to your wallet. the trend that started in the skies ...and could be landing at a restaurant near you. you.
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today... over what caused a "dragon boat" to overturn in the potomac river.this s the video captured saturday afterno. can see 19 people being pulled to safety. luckily... no ne was injured. ((2-shot ttss to weather))
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((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs))map belairwilkens295mapmta
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410-767-8146 &p3 &pyou can become.. our fan of the day! viewers from our facebook our page... and feature them on fox45 news at become a fan just go to our facebook paae... facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore. the conventions are now what? what?uppnext... a look at what's onnthe presiddntial cannidates' schedules... ((break 2)) [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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pnc bank. 3 theee are less than two months until election day.not enough time to tuun around the economy, r do much about the debt...but enough time to work on voter turn-out, and that's something both president obama and mitttromney are busy doing. jonathan mann has a quick look at the calendar for the remainder of this year. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- nnw that the conventions are over, what are you going to watch between now and election day. well, political mann, of course, but there are also some key events to keep an eye on in the months ahead. the first presidential debate is less than a month awwy. the october rddevvnt will actually be the first of three over a three week period. and the vice presidential candidates will meet onn time candidates only chance to motivate people who otherwise might not vote. let me explain, the voter registration deadline in the majority of states is around 30 days ahead of the general
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election. that's october 8th, just five days after the first presidential debate. noveeber 2nd could be the candidates last chance to hammer home a message about the economy. unemployment figures for the month of october come out that day and that is just four days ahead of the election itself, election day wwen everybody will be casting their ballots. or will they? let's go all the way back now, to september, because on the 21st, more than six weeks before election day, some people will have already cast their vote. early voting begins in wo states that day. and in the days and weeks that follow, 30 other states will allow voters to cast early ballots well effre election day. look at it, it's much of the country. the candidates are looking as well."find out how to cast your ballot early because in iowa you don't have to wait until november 6th to vote. you can be among the very first to vote in this election starting september 27th."so by the time the debates and the campaigns
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really get into full swing, for tens of milliins of people it will already be over. -----end-----cnn.script----- president obama...gets an interesting greeting. hug. where he recieved this bizaare . hello..the opportunity was just so obvious." obvious."and later...find out the new trend in restaurants... that coold be hard on your wallet. ((break 3)) [ male announcer ] the magic of nature blooms in every seed,
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good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. is a meal at your favorite restaurant....worth more on a saturday night... than it iss on a ttursday?some restaarants seem to think so.they're joining a movement toward variable erin burnett reports, it's a trend that started in the skies and could be landing at a restauuant near you. yyu. 3--reporter pkg-as follows -- it's as simple as supply and
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demand. "the opportunity wass just so obvious."buu it's an idea that's putting a whole new spin on eating out."just like in the airline or hotel industry where the price miggt depend on the demand of that hotel room or airline seat, we introduced that same model to the restaurant induutry."this is 26-year-old ben mckean. co- founder and ceo of savored. a restaurant reservation website that's built on a simple fact of life: time is money. like airlines, savvred offers cheaper meals forroff-peak hours, so aatable at 9:30 on a tuesday night at the famed 1 club in new york would cost customers 30 percent less than one for saturday at 8 pm. now considering the quality of the restaurant wheee dinner for &ptwo easily costs more than $150 that's huge."for them it's really a unique value that is very ccmpelling."but on the flip side, are cussomers really ok with the idea of ppying more for peak ddnner times once they know &pthey can get it for less? peter esmond, director f operations at rouge tomate, says yes."the same thing as
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why you go to happy hour and you go to happy hour 5 o'clock because it's early. they ddn't do happy hour at 9, they do it at 5:30. there's a reason for that."and with the amount of money this idea is bringing in so far, it's likell it's here to stay."we're generating ooer $40 million a year foo our restaurants and we have 1,000 we feel that we're making aa significant contribution to their businesses." right now,,savored-dot-com offers deals aa restaurants in the nee york city area. a controversy brewing in canada... caaadaa..why one in dance okay.. tooteach kids ... pole d. dancing.two fallen police officers in harford county.the latest in both investigations and where you can pay your resp. respects. energy bill down to size?
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out on his olympic records ... n fox 45 news at five.3
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